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United Retailers Assoc. urges gov’t for extension on X-mas bonus, property tax payment

Retailers are asking for delays in the payment of property taxes and Christmas bonus exemption forms.

The head of the United Retailers Association, known as CUD in Spanish, urged local authorities to approve an extension to file a petition for exemption from paying the Christmas bonus, as well as for the second payment on property taxes to the Municipal Revenues Collection Center, or CRIM.

“The economic situation SMEs face in these historic moments is truly disastrous. Hurricane (María) forces the few of us left to operate on a limited basis on generators, but many do not have that tool and are closed and using their savings,” said CUD President Nelson J. Ramirez.

“That’s why we consider it fair and necessary to amend Executive Order 2017-0003 to extend the moratorium until Dec. 31. And the same should appliy to the exemption of the Christmas bonus,” Ramírez said.

The executive order established a Nov. 15 deadline for retailers to mail the second installment of their property tax payment, CRIM Executive Director Carmen Vega-Fournier said.

Several CUD members have contacted the institution to inform it that it was impossible to the payment electronically and the only way to was personally go to the CRIM, otherwise, they would be subject to penalties. Others who flocked to the CRIM found the offices closed by the blackout and unstable service.

“In our case, we went to pay at 2 p.m., but it didn’t have time to make the payment, since I did not know that office’s (Caguas) operating hours and didn’t know if there were lines and may not get service,” said Rafael Mangual, Marisel Pharmacy 1 and 2, a partner in Humaca..

“It would be unfair to penalize me for reasons beyond my control, when I have the money and want to pay on time,” he said.

Regarding the Christmas bonus, Nov. 30 is the last day to apply for an exemption.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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