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San Juan gov’t launches $22M, 2nd phase of road repaving project

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero announced the start of the second phase of the town’s “Tus Calles al Día” initiative through which it will spend $22 million to repave and rebuild roads across 25 zones of Puerto Rico’s capital city.

The planned investment is added to the $34 million that the municipality invested in the first phase of the repaving project, which are a combination of local and federal funds, he said during a news conference.

“With this new investment, we will be scarifying and resurfacing a total of 680 streets, roads, and avenues in San Juan. When this phase is done, the municipal administration will have allocated $56 million to revitalize the streets of our communities,” he said.

Romero Lugo recalled that the first phase of “Tus Calles al Día” began Oct. 24, 2021, reaching 903 streets, avenues, and roads in San Juan.

“During 2022, 227,904.37 tons of asphalt were deposited in 45 sectors of the Municipality of San Juan and more than 22,500 families and tens of thousands of people who travel through these streets daily have directly benefited from this ambitious resurfacing project,” he said.

The second phase of “Tus Calles al Día” will begin in the Venus Gardens Urbanization and it is projected to deposit approximately 15,000 tons of asphalt to resurface its 48 streets.

“Aware of the multiple requests from our people from Venus Gardens, we have decided to start this second phase of ‘Tus Calles al Día’ in this community, since its streets were in a state of neglect that dates back decades,” Romero said.

“The works in Venus Gardens will impact the urbanization’s 48 streets through an investment of [more than] $2.6 million. All the streets are going to be scarified and repaved,” he said, adding that some 1,450 families and about 20 businesses in the urbanization will have better roads upon completion of the project.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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