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Selectos opens 39th store after $4.5M investment in Vega Alta

Supermercados Selectos announced the opening of its 39th store, in the Centro Gran Caribe of Vega Alta, after investing $4.5 million, and creating 165 new jobs.

The store has a sales area of 38,900 square feet and was designed to elevate the visitor experience and meet current consumer trends, explained the supermarket chain’s executive director, Mayreg Rodríguez-Vázquez.

“In this new store we have made an important investment of $4.5 million that we are sure will revitalize the commercial area and offer a quality service to the residents of Vega Alta and surrounding towns,” said Rodríguez.

“In addition, we are very proud to open our doors creating 165 direct jobs,” said Nelson Vázquez, owner of Selectos Vega Alta.

Vázquez added that during the design and construction process of this supermarket, more than 300 indirect jobs were generated.

Rodriguez explained that the design of the new store considered the experiences from the most recent hurricane and pandemic emergencies, so the consumer will find aisles that will allow them to make their purchases more comfortably.

The supermarket has among its main attractions a liquor area of 2,000 square feet and more than 700 wine labels.

It also has a section of the variety of Boar’s Head ham cuts, products that will be used to make sandwiches and other foods in the Deli area.

The customer will be able to buy fresh seafood, as well as Angus meat, and under its Agro Selectos program, the production of locally grown fruits and vegetables, Rodríguez said.

“This opening marks another important step in Selectos’ innovation efforts to meet the needs of our consumers and demonstrates the commitment of our partners to continue contributing to Puerto Rico’s economic development through investment and job creation,” said Ariel Torres-Ramos, chairman of the supermarket chain’s Board of Directors.

The store has 13 payment points, 10 aisles and 18,000 feet of warehouse, which will allow employees to quickly restock the items in high demand, and outside, the store has more than 300 parking spaces available and security.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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