SuperMax extends home delivery service to Guaynabo

SuperMax is now offering delivery service in additional stores.

Four months after launching its home delivery service in Condado and Isla Verde, SuperMax, one of Puerto Rico’s largest supermarket chains, is expanding the program to other parts of the San Juan metropolitan area, company officials announced Tuesday.

The free “Pon SuperMax” delivery service is now available to customers who frequent the San Francisco, Santa María and Guaynabo stores. Some 35 nearby urbanizations and residential areas will be able to take advantage of the service.

“Pon SuperMax capitalizes on the successful acceptance that had the service when it launched at the De Diego (Condado), Isla Verde and Laguna Gardens stores last year,” said Daniel Rigau, the chain’s marketing manager. “Our customers responded very favorably, saying the service met a need the industry was not addressing. Expanding the service in the metro area and across the island is part of our commitment to provide better service to our customers.”

To take advantage of the service, clients must notify the participating store’s customer service desk to have a van pick up and deliver the groceries. Customers must purchase at least $50 in merchandise to qualify for the “Pon SuperMax” service.

Grocery deliveries from the San Francisco SuperMax store will cover the following neighborhoods: Jardines de San Francisco, Jardines de San Ignacio, Parque de Santa María, Vista Hermosa, Santa Elena, La Riviera, Reparto Metropolitano, Caparra Terrace, Las Lomas, San Fernando, Summit Hills, Villa España and Jardines de Altamesa.

Meanwhile, the “Pon SuperMax” service out of the Santa María shopping center location covers Santa María, College Park, Rosaleda, Manantial, Alameda, Altamesa, Santiago Iglesias, Parkville, Yambele, Monacillo, and “El Último Chance.” The Plaza Guaynabo service benefits Bello Monte, Muñoz Rivera, Ponce de León, Santa Paula, Parkville, El Álamos, Oasis Gardens, El Jardín, Guaynabo center, Quintas Reales, Mansiones de Guaynabo, Colina Metropolitana, Granada Park, Cond. Esmeralda, Torremolinos y and Egida de Ingenieros.

Rigau did not rule out the possibility of incorporating the “Pon SuperMax” service in other stores in the future depending on the conditions of the markets they serve.

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