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T-Mobile adds employees to focus on enhancing customer experience

T-Mobile Puerto Rico has announced an increase in its workforce, hiring professionals specialized in identifying communication products and services that align with the current needs and preferences of consumers. This service is available through a single call, among other options.

The carrier did not reveal the number of people it has added to its ranks to provide the new services.

“We’re committed to expanding our services and resources to provide our customers the best attention and support on all possible platforms and channels. We want our customers to have the freedom to choose how they want to interact with us,” said Jorge Martel, general manager of T-Mobile Puerto Rico.

T-Mobile is expanding its team in Puerto Rico by adding Virtual Sales (VR) experts, who will assist customers and businesses looking to acquire T-Mobile services and products. This growth is expected to result in a quicker and more efficient customer experience, including the ability to schedule calls for consumers’ convenience.

Furthermore, the T-Mobile for Business team is growing by adding new sales and customer service professionals to support both new and existing customers. The investment in resources will ensure the evolving needs of the company’s customers are met more effectively, the carrier stated.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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