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The Summ: Student Experience Summit returns to Puerto Rico

Following its 2022 successful run, connecting hundreds of young individuals with potential future careers, The Summ: Student Experience Summit returns Nov. 14-15 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center. 

The event, which brings together various companies and educational institutions through partnerships, offers students experiences that simulate real work environments to help envision their future careers. 

According to a study by Vivas and Muraca (2015), one in five students either change their major or drop out due to insufficient knowledge about the chosen university program. This is why one of the main objectives of the event is to provide students who are about to begin a university degree and attending the summit with career guidance. They will be introduced to a variety of industry options available once they complete their studies.

During the event, attendees can participate in exhibitions, experiential pavilions, workshops, and access student services. The goal is to help them make informed decisions and empower them “to build the life of their dreams,” according to a news release.

“The Summ has come to revolutionize the concept of student fairs in Puerto Rico, becoming an eye-opening experience for many of its attendees,” said Jonnathan Falcón, the event’s creator. “This is a well-thought-out project. We conducted research through interviews and focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of the vocational guidance needs of Puerto Rican youth. This way, we found the opportunity to fill that gap and make the path simpler for students who are defining their professional future.”

The first edition of The Summ in November 2022 had a significant impact, surpassing expectations. With more than 5,000 attendees, featuring some 30 institutions and offering more than 25 simulated work experiences, a follow-up survey revealed that 89% of student participants gained clarity about their future aspirations.

Furthermore, the Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Puerto Rico (SME) recently announced that this project is a finalist for the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards.

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