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Total Petroleum P.R. invests $6M to boost transportation safety standards

Total Petroleum Puerto Rico, Corp. announced its decision to raise fuel transportation safety standards for its operations on the island, with an investment in a new fleet and equipment as well as the adoption of security measures for fuel handling and transportation.

This new phase of the Program for Improvements in Road Transportation (PATROM, for its French acronym) has led to the acquisition of a new fleet of 17 trucks, 16 tanks and safety equipment for drivers and vehicles, the company announced.

Investment in this new phase of the PATROM program by both parties represents more than $6 million, the company said.

PATROM’s main objective is to reduce the number of road accidents. The program has been established in most of Total’s subsidiaries around the world.

“Safety is number one value for the Total Group. This global program is designed to continuously improve safety measures in fuel transportation, focusing on prevention. We have implemented it in Puerto Rico jointly with our partners the Camioneros Cooperativa de Transporte de Carga (Cooperativa),” said Juan José Raga, general manager of Total Petroleum Puerto Rico.

“This program contributes to raising the transportation standard in Puerto Rico,” he said.

Safety measures cover the entire transportation cycle, from the moment the truck leaves the Cooperativa, refuels at the Total terminal and travels on the road until it discharges it’s fuel in gas stations and industrial clients and returns to the Cooperativa, Raga explained.

In Puerto Rico, Total’s fleet drivers accumulate more than 92.9 billion miles a month monthly with nearly 5,500 work hours.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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