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Total Petroleum Puerto Rico launches ‘Where is my Truck?’ platform

Total Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp. unveiled its new “Where is my Truck?” platform to notify its gas station and bulk clients of fuel deliveries in real time.

The platform, developed by Total, makes the process transparent to the client who can follow the truck’s route until it arrives at the site of delivery.  The system automatically updates the truck’s position and the orders on its route sending the information by text to the client.

There are 17 participating tanker trucks operated by the of Cargo Transport Truckers Co-op, who are partners with Total in providing gasoline transportation services. Total will provide the real-time tracking notifications.

“The goal of Total’s ongoing innovation is to provide our clients with additional solutions.  The integration of this platform provides additional benefits to commercial clients, part of which is greater efficiency in the distribution and delivery process,” said Juan José Raga, general manager of Total Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp.

He explained that the system eliminates the need to call to find out the status of the delivery, which he trusts will relieve customers of any concerns about delivery time while generating greater satisfaction and certainty in the process.

Raga added that “Where is my Truck?” has also allowed for an evolution in the way the department works since by generating automatic alerts for the deliveries the staff is now free of the manual work that was previously required to provide a delivery status.

As of today, “Where is my Truck?” generates the alerts for its 200 gas stations and its bulk clients in Puerto Rico, he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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