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TransCita offers doctor appointment rides to elderly, physically challenged

TransCita’s drivers will pick passengers up at a pre-established time and drop them off at the closest and most comfortable entrance of their destination.

TransCita, a company dedicated to providing private, non-emergency medical transportation services for elderly and physically challenged riders in Puerto Rico, announced Tuesday the launch of TransCita Privado, a paid service for passengers needing a ride to their doctor appointments.

TransCita’s drivers will pick passengers up at a pre-established time and drop them off at the closest and most comfortable entrance of their destination. The service is exclusive for the paying passenger — no one else will travel with them unless they bring a companion.

Once passengers arrive at their destination, TransCita will send a text message to those designated as a contact person to let them know that their loves ones have arrived at their destination and give them an estimated time of return.

“We created TransCita Privado for those customers who started asking for the service that we already offered through TransCita Salud, but wanted it in an individual and private basis,” said Jorge Ruiz-Román, president of TransCita.

“This service provides peace of mind to those customers who want their loved ones to have privacy and comfort when traveling to their doctor appointments, while it gives great a sense of independence to those passengers who use it,” he said.

The company began operating in November 2007 with its TransCita Salud service. Through its 65-vehicle fleet – that includes small and full-sized cars, minivans and vans with special ramps for wheelchair-bound riders — the company makes more than 9,000 trips per month. TransCita employs 182 people, but that number is expected to increase to 242 by year’s end.

Catering to a growing need
TransCita Privado is a product that was born out of a surging need for services aimed at the elderly population in Puerto Rico, which, according to recent statistics, is growing rapidly.


“According to the 2010 Census, 14.5 percent of the island’s population is 65 or older. In addition, 42 percent of Puerto Rican families have a member of that age group living with them. These numbers show there is a population that wants to handle this responsibility but finds balancing that with the demands of their jobs very challenging. On the other hand, senior citizens themselves do not want to be a burden on their children,” said Melvin Acosta-Román, business development consultant.

“This is not just seen in Puerto Rico. This is a global trend and as the population continues to age, there will be a larger demand for elderly-related services,” Acosta-Román said. “TransCita recognized that need since it began operations four years ago and has addressed it successfully.”

Prices for the TransCita Privado service are based upon factors such as traveled distance, and  whether passengers ride alone or if they bring a companion along. TransCita covers the entire island, with stations in Arecibo, Guayama, Isabela, Mayagüez, Naguabo, Ponce, Río Grande, San Juan, Vieques and proximately Caguas.

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Author Details
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  1. Maritza Izquierdo June 1, 2017

    Good afternoon, I’m interested in learning more regarding the TransCita program for my aging ill parent. Can you please help?


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