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Treasury starts collecting data on damages caused by Hurricane Fiona

The Puerto Rico Treasury Department met with government insurance producers, starting the claims process for damage to public property caused by Hurricane Fiona.

“We have already met with representatives of the 20 government insurance provider firms and drawn up a work plan to file claims for damage to public property, following the impact of Hurricane Fiona,” said Treasury Secretary Francisco Parés.

“On Oct. 15, producers must submit to our Public Insurance office, the first report of the process and a progress update every 15 days,” said Parés.

The agency’s Public Insurance Office is handling the process, he said.

“We began by sending letters to the secretaries and directors of government agencies, requesting the initiation of inspections and inventories, for the documentation of damages, if any, to submit claims as soon as possible,” he said.

“We also got in touch with all insurance producers so that the exchange of information is developed, and every situation is documented,” said Parés.

Parés-Alicea explained that each agency must quantify its losses quickly and submit estimates of damage to real estate and other property.

“Once the losses are identified, each entity or agency must submit its claim through the designated insurance producer, with a copy to the Public Insurance office,” said Parés.

Parés it is “very important” to document each incident and submit the complete information, with its description, damage estimate, photos, inventory list, in addition to preserving the equipment to be claimed, among other procedures.

“It’s important that the procedures to submit claims are done diligently so that the responses of the insurance companies are not delayed,” said Parés.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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