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Triple-S provides $150K in support to Ciracet Corp.

Triple-S announced it has become the first health care company to invest in the Healthcare Innovation Center, a solutions laboratory affiliated to Ciracet, a health tech company in Ponce.

The Center creates a continuous collaborative environment to develop tech solutions for the health field. Members can build products and services from software to clinical and medical programs to benefit the health ecosystem and support Puerto Rico’s economic innovation.

“Our investment and participation in the Center give us the right to become an angel investor in solutions developed at the Center, review publications stemming from investigations generated by members of the Center and ask participants to work on a possible solution for specific projects to improve our operation, thus potentially benefitting our plan members and network of providers,” said Juan Serrano, president of Triple-S Salud. 

Serrano added that Triple-S’s support for the Center “is a way to contribute to the development of knowledge in the health industry as well as the economy of Puerto Rico.”

Engineer Oscar Misla -Villalba, CEO of Ciracet and founder of the Healthcare Innovation Center, said that as a corporate member, Triple-S would participate in periodic innovation sessions with the Center’s subject experts to discuss challenges and viable solutions using disruptive technologies.   

“Collaboration between diverse members of the Innovation Center allows us to create solutions that apply to several markets with the input of local experts. This method of incubating solutions for the health industry is a new approach and has already commercialized several products developed in Puerto Rico,” said Misla-Villalba.

“The alliance between Ciracet, Triple-S, and others from academia and the medical class will allow us to create a collaborative R&D platform that increases local investment and also finds an international presence through other innovation centers,” he said.

The collaboration with the Healthcare Innovation Center will begin in 2022 and will last until 2025, with the option to extend the agreement, the companies said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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