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UPR signs agreement to spur technological development

The University of Puerto Rico recently established a collaboration agreement with the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service to encourage new opportunities for the professional development of students and employees.

UPR President Jorge Haddock said the agreement is the first of its kind between the college and PRITS, a government agency headed by Glorimar Ripoll-Balet, that seeks to offer services to agencies, public corporations and municipalities regarding the integration of technology into citizen services.

Haddock said the alliance will position the institution at a global level, “optimizing resources and collaboration among the university community. Likewise, the UPR will incorporate the best practices that already work in other public entities and exchange experiences and knowledge with the central government.”

“This agreement is very significant, because it is part of the strategies and resources that we are implementing at the UPR to promote digital transformation,” Haddock said.

“One of my priorities is to take the institution to the technological vanguard required to maintain its global prestige, and I’m sure that with the advice we will receive from PRITS, our processes can be digitized quicker, aimed at better administrative practices, and even to eliminate the use of paper,” he said.

The agreement also establishes an alliance to provide resources such as teachers and students, organize seminars, and data exchange activities. Likewise, it will give the UPR the chance to look for external funds and improve its technological infrastructure.

“This agreement is about mutual support and of feeding from all of the knowledge there is at the university, of innovation and technology, as well as related areas that will be of great value to all sectors,” said Ripoll-Balet.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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