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UPR’s Dr. Federico Trilla Hospital running 5 parallel scientific projects

The Office of Clinical Research and Community Health of the University of Puerto Rico’s Dr. Federico Trilla Hospital in Carolina, is simultaneously running five scientific research projects, said Dr. Enid J. García Rivera, director of the UPR Medical Sciences Campus’ Dotal Center for Health Services Research (known as CDISS in Spanish.)

“Our scientific activity needs to be known. Our community and Puerto Rico need to know of all the important scientific and medical advances that take place every day at UPR Hospital. The volume of high quality clinical and community research projects carried out in the island is impressive,” said García-Rivera.

Although there are more projects developed by the Research Office of the Hospital of Carolina, García-Rivera noted five:

  • One to collaborate in the evaluation of a vaccine against dengue and a Zika virus surveillance study, both in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Sanofi;
  • A collaborative study with Yale University evaluating an intervention for pre-diabetic patients;
  • A study on knowledge and practices on water management and treatment during disasters. The sample is of
    150 people from the community who come to the Hospital and should determine how much is known in neighboring communities about water management and storage to determine if educational and preventive interventions are needed in anticipation of upcoming events such as Hurricane María. The goal, in the long run, is to avoid gastrointestinal outbreaks and viral diseases due to inadequate water management in the event of a disaster; and,
  • Development of a database on cardiovascular conditions in Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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