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Wovenware gets nod from San Juan as tech innovator, business leader

Wovenware, a provider of artificial intelligence and custom software engineering solutions, has received a proclamation from the mayor of San Juan for its more than 20 years in business and its role in driving technology not only in San Juan but also the U.S.

“The government of the city of San Juan recognizes and is proud of this innovative company, Wovenware, and we appreciate its great contribution to the advancement of technology,” said San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero. 

“Since its founding in San Juan in February 2003 by ‘boricuas’ Christian González and Carlos Meléndez, Wovenware has broken barriers in the development of software and AI solutions custom-designed to meet the specific needs of companies in Puerto Rico and beyond,” Romero said.

“We’re honored to receive this proclamation from the esteemed mayor of San Juan,” said González, general manager of Wovenware.

“Since our founding, we’ve remained committed to fostering a culture of technology innovation and growth across Puerto Rico and establishing the island as a key business destination for software, AI and geospatial intelligence solutions,” he said.

“With the support of our parent business, Maxar Intelligence, we will continue to collaborate with customers across the U.S. to deliver the digital solutions that have been earning their trust for more than 20 years,” González added.

Wovenware marked several milestones in 2023, notably in geospatial intelligence innovation, applying AI to geospatial data to transform earth and space intelligence for Maxar Intelligence clients.

Wovenware has developed a range of services, from user interface design and full-stack software delivery to producing machine learning training datasets. It has created automated object detection models optimized for Maxar’s satellite imagery, serving both government and commercial missions.

The company added new jobs, expanding its team of software engineers, data scientists, software testers, digital specialists and other strategic positions. In 2024, it plans to continue investing in new technology talent, as well as its existing staff, providing advanced training, certification and professional growth opportunities for its team.

Wovenware remained committed to delivering advanced machine learning, computer vision, AI solutions, mobile apps and software modernization solutions to its clients in 2023. 

In one project, the company assisted a leading insurance provider in achieving Medicaid data reporting compliance, resulting in $1.2 million in federal reimbursement funds, company officials said.

With the U.S. government announcing new tech hubs, including Puerto Rico, Wovenware is positioning itself as a center of AI excellence in Puerto Rico. 

“Through academic partnerships and participation in key economic development organizations, Wovenware attracted interest in the island as a prime destination for tech innovation and took additional steps to foster a climate of technology excellence and nurture the next generation of tech talent,” the company stated.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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