Chamber’s College chapter to host ‘Business Camp’

Paul E. Mangual-González Paul E. Mangual-González

For the fifth consecutive year, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce College Chapter will host its “Business Camp” during the group’s upcoming annual convention. The event will benefit 50 university students who will have the opportunity to visit four companies from different sectors on the island, learn their stories and interact with other young entrepreneurs.

“The Business Camp allows the university students to experience the business world live and in color,” said Paul E. Mangual-González, president of the CofC’s College Chapters Committee.

The CofC’s College Chapters — founded in 1999 by businessman and ex-CofC President Leonardo Cordero-Suriá — is a committee dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among Puerto Rico college students.

This year’s edition will take place June 27-29, concurrently with the CofC’s annual convention in which it will mark its 100th anniversary. Participants will be able to visit several companies, including: Holsum, Danosa Caribbean, Old Harbor Brewery and Leonardo’s.

“Without a doubt the camp is a great opportunity to explore the business world, and continue motivating and training future island entrepreneurs,” González-Mangual said.

The cost of the camp is $150.00 and includes accommodations, meals, transportation to the companies as well as to the convention in Fajardo.

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