iGenApps solution lets users make-their-own mobile ‘apps’

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Get ready to have your own 'app' - XPOUS launches iGenApps. (PRNewsFoto/iGenApps)

Consumers who lack programming skills but want to design an application now have an easy, portable and affordable way to do it through the solutions provided by Puerto Rico developer XPOUS, creator of iGenApps.

iGenApp, an ‘app’ in itself that allows any user to create their own apps without programming, aims to solve the problem of the average smartphone user who does not have programming skills, the time or resources to spend on creating a mobile App.

With iGenApps, users will generate mobile web apps supported by Apple, Android and the latest Blackberry devices as well as ‘tablets’ computers. It also provides PC and Mac support with certain browsers.

“We became aware of the needs of people who were looking for ways to create an app for their personal or business needs, so we decided to create iGenApps as a tool that would facilitate the process for them,” XPOUS CEO Norman Ortiz said. “We are confident iGenApps will live up to the expectations of our target consumer and satisfy their technical needs.”

The iGenApps  tool allows anyone to create content driven applications by combining lists, menus, maps, feeds, images, videos, detail screens, links to external actions, among many more screens.

“Whether you already have an idea for an app or maybe you just want to be a part of the mobile phenomena, iGenApps is for you,” Ortiz said. “This is the perfect solution for product catalogs, video lessons, conventions, artists, real estate, restaurants, physicians, professional services, photographers, musicians, or anyone with an interest in creating their own apps.”

After competing with more than 45 innovative ideas from around the World, XPOUS was the winner of the “Big Idea Contest” with iGenApps during the International CTIA Wireless convention held in Orlando last spring. iGenApps is currently available through the Android Market.

4 Comments on "iGenApps solution lets users make-their-own mobile ‘apps’"

  1. Carlos Toro October 11, 2011 at 7:39 AM · Reply

    The app is not in the Apple app store. Where is it available?

    • mkantrow October 11, 2011 at 4:31 PM · Reply

      HI! I believe it is only available on the Android market for now.

  2. vlad October 19, 2011 at 11:12 AM · Reply

    I prefer to make my apps at snappii.They host apps and the changes you make become visible right away after update.It’s cool.BTW programming skills are not needed actually.

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