Molson Coors donates $25K, canned water to Red Cross

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Puerto Rico received 25,000 cans of drinking water that the American Red Cross will distribute to those affected by Hurricane Irma.

To help those affected by Hurricane Irma, Molson Coors has donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

Additionally, 25,000 cans of MillerCoors water has been delivered to the American Red Cross by United Airlines to Puerto Rico and surrounding areas that are impacted by the storm, the company said Monday.

To help those affected by Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico, St. Marten and the Caribbean, Molson Coors urged employees to donate to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund, by using the MillerCoors/Red Cross microsite, which now allows to support Hurricane Irma efforts by selecting “Where It Is Needed Most” in the “I Want to Support” box.

“The [Molson Coors] initiative to prepare and ship canned water to [areas affected by] atmospheric disasters was restarted nine months ago,” said Mario Molina, general manager of the LATAM South region of Molson Coors International.

“This is our first opportunity to help in an emergency in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean since we started doing this again. Dedicating our production to provide safe and clean drinking water is the best way we can help in these situations,” he said.

Molson Coors has a track record of financially supporting the Red Cross and on this occasion, it complements it with the canned drinking water program.

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