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P.R.’s medical tourism sector prospering despite exodus, hurricanes
May 22, 2018, No Comments

The 49 participants in Puerto Rico’s Medical Tourism program confirmed they see excellent opportunities that will resu ...

Hurricane María, a ‘game changer’ for P.R.’s economic forecasts
April 23, 2018, No Comments

Hurricane María caused historic record damages in infrastructure and business interruption, impacting all dimensions of ...

Banking exec Carrión: ‘We have to see about rebuilding P.R. differently’
March 21, 2018, No Comments

Puerto Rico needs to attack a series of urgent needs to rebuild the island in the wake of Hurricane María, as well as f ...

CPA’s unveils roadmap for P.R.’s long-term sustainable development
March 16, 2018, 1 Comment

The CPA Foundation unveiled the results of a study providing suggestions for Puerto Rico’s reconstruction and long-ter ...

Gov’t fiscal plans for P.R. ‘pretty much alike’ under different party administrations
March 1, 2018, 1 Comment

How many times can someone say the word “plan" in 30 seconds? At least eight.

Op-Ed: Dudley — Now is ‘perfect opportunity’ for P.R. start energy grid from scratch
February 23, 2018, No Comments

Hurricanes Irma and María did immense damage to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands, severely exacerbating what wer ...

Consultiva Internacional Inc. to present economic outlook at conference
February 22, 2018, No Comments

The investment strategy committee at Consultiva International Inc. will be presenting its global economic outlook for 20 ...

Fiscal Plan for P.R. built on ‘fantasy’ economic projections
February 20, 2018, No Comments

The most recent version of Puerto Rico’s fiscal plan for its central government would chart the future of the island, ...

P.R.’s CNE among top think tanks in the world
February 15, 2018, No Comments

For the fifth year in a row, Puerto Rico’s Center for a New Economy (CNE) has been included in the most recent edition ...

Analysis: PR should look to other countries to put economy on stronger track
January 29, 2018, 2 Comments

Puerto Rico’s economic model must change its old ways and look to what has worked for other countries other than the U ...