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100% of iFullCircle’s staff working on cloud, remotely as COVID-19 spreads

iFull Circle Communications, a local firm with operations in Puerto Rico, Miami, and now Colombia, has been preparing for four years to be fully operational in the cloud and with all the necessary infrastructure and tools to operate at 100% capacity remotely with all personnel connected,” company officials said.

“Radames Rosado, our executive director, and creative director re-engineered the way we worked years ago,” said iFull Circle Communications CEO Ada Torres-Toro.

“Our major motivations were the fact that a lot of what we do is crisis management and for that, you have to be available and functional 24/7,” said Torres-Toro, who founded the firm.

“Also, it’s an amazing way to bump productivity and organization during project management. It took us a while to adapt to this culture, but last Friday, when we closed the offices due to the coronavirus, the work kept flowing seamlessly,” she said. “Now, with the pandemic, and the many crises we are handling, it’s just an enormous advantage.”

A consulting, crisis management, marketing, and advertising firm, iFullCircle Communications Inc. is marking its 18th anniversary this month underscoring that it is now fully operational in the Florida market with several large projects under development.

“This isn’t even the present, this is the future as we all change the way we do things, just like online shopping exploded and was never the same after SARS,” said Rosado.

“Companies like ours and many around the world find that making the switch to the cloud helps us retain or increase competitiveness, especially in times of crisis such as this with the COVID-19,” he said.

“This not just an option anymore if you want to stop business interruption, working always form an office is just a thing of the past,” he said.

The cloud market is growing at a remarkable pace as more enterprises realize its power and untapped potential, he said.

“Even though some remain skeptical, the booming cloud market is a testament to how quickly the cloud has gone mainstream. Now, with the pandemic and the restrictions it demands, businesses that can work like this will lead the markets in every field,” said Rosado.

With growing innovation boosted by breakneck competition in the cloud market, new tools are in place making the cloud a much vaster and more versatile infrastructure.

“This not the future. Actually, this is very much happening now. Now this will teach us all a new way to work and move our economy,” said Torres.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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