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2 Porsche salesmen in Puerto Rico ‘among the best in the world’

Two Porsche-certified sales executives in Puerto Rico — Jorge Santiago and Iván Guzmán — each won the “Sales Excellence Award,” bestowed by the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer to the top 100 Porsche salespeople in the world.

Santiago scored 676 points, the highest number in the 99X Group, one of the three in which Porsche Latin America (PLA) divides the Latin America and the Caribbean region, followed by Guzmán with a total of 655.

The results of the sales executives “highlight the work carried out and the good management of all the employees of Garage Europa Porsche Center Puerto Rico during 2020,” Orlando Pérez, sales manager at Garage Europa Porsche Center, said.

“We’re very proud of our sales executives. Despite the circumstances of the pandemic, everyone showed courage and dedication during the 2020 administration, and that was demonstrated in the competition,” said Pérez.

“The first place gotten by Jorge fills us with pride. This recognition certifies our efforts with the sales processes and challenges us to continue improving in all aspects of our business,” he said.

The competition measures four criteria for each of the Porsche salespeople in the world: completing 100% of all training and refresher courses offered by the brand; meeting monthly sales targets; maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate; and answer all the concerns of potential clients.

“Being on the list of the hundred best Porsche salesmen in the world fills me with great pride and gives me great satisfaction knowing that my management is recognized,” said Santiago. “I am very meticulous in every detail and work with excellence thinking of clients, which today has paid off.”

In addition to Grupo 99X, which in addition to Puerto Rico includes Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic, PLA divides the region into Grupo México, intended only for the sellers of the 13 dealerships in that country, and Grupo RSR, which includes Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guadalupe, Jamaica, Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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