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23 nonprofits raised $118K through campaigns in Plaza Las Américas

A total of 23 nonprofits participated in the “Your Community has a PLAZA” program in 2020, which allowed them to carry out orientation and fundraising efforts within the Plaza Las Américas mall.

From January to March and from September to December, the participating nonprofits reahed more than 20,000 people who visited the shopping center and raised $117,989, mall officials confirmed in a report outlining the number of nonprofit organizations that fundraised last year.

The report shows that the entities recruited 1,715 new volunteers and garnered 147 new contacts through networking efforts during their stints at the mall.

“The year 2020 presented many challenges for everyone, including nonprofit organizations. Due to the pandemic, we continue to face, many of the entities had to cancel their massive fundraising events,” said Carlos I. Ayala, responsible for community programs t Plaza Las Américas.

“Through the use of the ‘Your Community has a PLAZA’ space, many of the institutions raise funds through the sale of promotional items, while fulfilling their mission of educating the community about the different causes to which they are contributing,” he said.

Fundación de Niños San Jorge, Lemonade Day Puerto Rico, 5K Deja Tu Huella, Fundación CAP, Inc., Make-A-Wish Puerto Rico, Alianza de Autismo de Puerto Rico, US Census, Scuba Dog Society Puerto Rico, De Frente al Alzheimer Inc., Huella Colegial, Team Cuca Foundation, EDP University, Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico, Cross The Goal Foundation, Voces Coalición de Vacunación, Centro de Servicio María de los Ángeles Inc., Fundación CineStell de Puerto Rico, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR), Fundación Sila M. Calderón, El Camino a la Felicidad, Sociedad Pro-Hospital del Niño y La Casa de la Cultura Isabelina were the entities that participated in the “Your Community has a PLAZA” program during 2020.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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