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A&Answers: 87% of Puerto Ricans to watch Olympics as brands go for sponsorship gold

Some $5 million has already been invested in the pre-Olympic basketball tournament held on the island this week.

Olympic fever is at “an all-time high” among Puerto Rican fans, with almost nine out of every 10 (87%) Puerto Ricans ready to enjoy the 2024 Olympics in Paris, according to the “Olympic Families ” study conducted by A&Answers, the intelligence and strategy unit of Arteaga & Arteaga advertising agency.

The Olympic torch will shine from July 26 to Aug. 11, and Puerto Rican fans will support a delegation of about 10 sports federations and more than 40 athletes.

Corporate brands are also involved, sponsoring both the Olympics and Puerto Rican athletes. The study shows that about $5 million has already been invested in the pre-Olympic basketball tournament held on the island this week.

The event attracted more than 51,000 spectators, sold out hotels citywide and millions tuned-in to watch the best basketball event before the Olympics, providing a multimillion-dollar economic boost to Puerto Rico, which “successfully validated its standing as a world-class events destination,” the press release reads. 

“This represents a great opportunity for companies to go for Olympic gold, seeking to achieve a unique connection and brand commitment between consumers and their brands through advertising efforts framed in the emotion of the Olympic event that occurs every four years,” said Juan Alberto Arteaga, president of Arteaga & Arteaga.

“Most respondents (81%) expressed having a positive impression of those brands that sponsor the Olympic Games. This positive impression about brands committed to sports could [translate] into a purchase, the recommendation of a brand or product and/or an even more favorable impression of the brands that support our athletes,” he said.

The majority of Puerto Ricans surveyed prefer to enjoy the Olympic excitement in real time, as they did during the basketball qualifier, crowding all the games held at the Puerto Rico Coliseum, known as “El Choli.”

A family affair
The “Olympic Families” survey included 485 online participants, men and women aged 18 to 65 throughout the island. It reaffirmed the importance of sports for Puerto Ricans as family activity. Seven out of 10 (69%) of those surveyed indicated that they will enjoy the Olympics as a family.

Neither power blackouts nor time zone differences will prevent Puerto Ricans from enjoying the Paris Olympics, with most planning to watch the games live on television (65%), according to the study.

Meanwhile, 21% will watch them online, 7% will gather with friends to watch them on television and 3% will see them in a sports bar or public place. Only 1% will watch the games live in Paris, according to the survey.

Television takes the gold
A significant 87% of Puerto Ricans say they will enjoy the games through such traditional mass media outlets as television, radio and the press, while 46% will use digital media to follow the Olympic action.

“This combination of media that fans will use to enjoy the Olympic Games largely determines the strategies, type and tone of communication, and the combination of media that brands must use to effectively project their message, especially to take advantage of multiscreen use,” said Arteaga. 

Local television was the most preferred medium for following the Olympic action, indicated by 53% of those surveyed, followed by 50% who will watch on cable TV. Social networks, with 42%, will play an important role in keeping fans updated, and the digital versions of TV, radio and press will account for 28% of the audience.

For those who prefer recorded sporting events, YouTube (72%) is the main option, followed by Facebook (40%) and sports websites (22%).

Brands that celebrate Puerto Rican pride
A considerable 89% of those surveyed expressed that their positive impression could lead to purchasing or recommending a brand or product that sponsors the Olympics. The study showed that 93% of respondents urge brands to commit to sports through sponsorships.

The study also confirmed that Puerto Ricans have a positive impression of 88% of the brands that support local Olympic athletes.

“The Olympic Games are one of the few events that offer brands the opportunity to connect on an emotional level with sports-loving consumers and appeal to that feeling of ‘Boricua pride.’ Undoubtedly, this feeling rises exponentially when our athletes prevail in their efforts,” said Arteaga, adding that brands that demonstrate their commitment to sports are highly favored by consumers.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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