Agrohack Conference back May 13 with more offerings

This year’s conference will feature an Agromarket, a trade show with exhibitions ideal for students close to graduation or professionals interested in making connections.

To bring cutting-edge agricultural education to a bigger crowd, this year’s Agrohack Conference will take place at the Puerto Rico Convention Center on May 13, organizers said Monday.

The larger space will accommodate more participants as well as a wider range of activities and events, including an Agromarket.

Agrohack focuses on the three pillars of agriculture — agrobusiness, agroinnovation and food technology — to serve as a catalyst for economic development on the island. The conference addresses key issues and brings together multiple sectors of the industry, including farmers, agronomists, educators, vendors, distributors, government agencies, transportation companies, and technology providers.

More than two dozen experts from Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland will speak about climate change and its effects on agriculture, composting, precision farming, logistics, conservation, emerging sectors and the role of women in the industry, among other topics of discussion.

This year’s conference will feature an Agromarket, a trade show with exhibitions ideal for students close to graduation or professionals interested in making meaningful connections, and six one-hour workshops on financing, organic waste management, business model development, sales strategies, marketing and communications.

Also new this year will be a field trip to an agroecological farm in Las Marías, scheduled for May 7, and arranged by Visit Rico, an organization dedicated to sustainable agro-tourism, organizers said.

Like last year, Agrohack will feature a Startup Showcase and a Mentor’s Booth, where participants can showcase their startup projects and obtain one-on-one advice from the experts through 10-minute mentoring sessions, respectively.

“Agrohack is designed for anyone who wants to join the local agriculture industry and for those who want to see it thrive and reach its full potential,” said Carlos Cobián, founder of Cobian Media and producer of the event.

“This conference undoubtedly provides a platform to promote micro- and macro-based agricultural projects that are contributing to the industry and aiming to transform it,” Cobian added.

Perla Sofía Curbelo-Santiago, Agrohack’s content producer and founder of Agrochic, noted the event offers a unique communication platform where different voices and generations meet to discuss trends, address challenges, identify resources and formulate specific action plans to revitalize the agriculture industry.

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