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Alivia Health closes acquisition of several subsidiaries, consolidating its network

Puerto Rican company Alivia Health announced the completion of the acquisition processes of its subsidiaries Specialty Pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Services, becoming the island’s largest local drugstore network, company executives said.

The consolidated network now has a new brand image, said Alivia Health President Hari Sabnani.

“Our passion and business vision is to put the patient first. Serving the Puerto Rican community is in our DNA since we began in 2016,” Sabnani said.

“That will always be our push to provide the best service and develop innovative health solutions that simplify and promote the health of the Puerto Rican patient,” said Sabnani.

Since its inception, Alivia Health has grown consistently under a strategy of acquisitions concentrated in the pharmacy industry, which has allowed it to develop its business in four main areas: community pharmacies, specialty pharmacy, infusion compound pharmacy, and pharmaceutical hub that implements patient management programs for specialized medications with support to medical offices.

Farmacias Plaza and Farmacias Plaza Express, acquired in 2016 and 2018 respectively, make up the main chain of community pharmacies in Puerto Rico. With 19 pharmacies around the island, it is one of the five largest chains in the market.

Alivia Compounding Pharmacy — formerly known as PureMed Compounding Pharmacy — was purchased in 2016. This subsidiary prepares formulas such as intravenous medications specially adapted to the needs of the patient. It mostly provides services to patients who were recently discharged from the hospital, helping them to continue with their infusion therapy at home.

Meanwhile, Alivia Specialty Pharmacy came about after the acquisition of the specialized pharmacy division of Best Option at the end of 2018. It is Puerto Rico’s main provider of oncology products and one of the three main suppliers of medicines in general.

Its services include the management of all administrative aspects related to health plans, educating the patient about their conditions and specialized medications, coordinating available financial assistance plans and following up on the patient to ensure that the treatment proceeds as expected.

This year, Alivia Pharmaceutical Services, formerly MoxieMed, was added. It is the only pharmaceutical hub in Puerto Rico where patient management programs for specialized medicines are implemented by medical offices.

“The launch of the Alivia Health network represents a great opportunity to contribute to the improvement of health services in Puerto Rico. It is time to join forces and develop new programs that provide quality services to our patients, because they are our reason for being,” said Sabnani.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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