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Brands of P.R. launches new platform, adds new brands

From left: Alan Taveras and Néstor Taveras, founders of Brands of Puerto Rico.

From left: Alan Taveras and Néstor Taveras, founders of Brands of Puerto Rico.

Brands of Puerto Rico is marking two important milestones — the launch of a new and improved platform created with users and consumers in mind, and an innovative program with corporate brands, which will integrate a wider range of products that Puerto Ricans living abroad have been longing for, project founders said Thursday.

“As part of the acceleration process within the Parallel 18 program and our own growth plan, we are positioning ourselves to offer our consumers products from local emerging brands, as well as those that are part of our daily lives and a vast majority of Puerto Ricans that move abroad end up missing,” said Alan Taveras, Brands of Puerto Rico co-founder and marketing director.

“We feel we have a responsibility with both our consumers and local businesses to be an efficient technological tool that helps them on their daily lives and growth. Our platform is ‘forever beta’. That means we will keep improving,” he said.

The platform’s new design brings a more pleasant experience to the user, while it increases its own potential through a series of updates. One of them is an entirely new wholesale channel that will enable retailers and distribution companies to bargain prices and quantities directly with the local brands that are part of Brands of Puerto Rico’s catalogue.

The most drastic change within the website is an entire new section called “Meet Our Brands,” in which consumers and users will be able to see each brand’s profile and get to know them before buying their products.

Coupled with the improvements are the launching of a new corporate brands program with the participation of national enterprises like Filler and Rovira Biscuits.

“We’ve been working hard for two years to achieve the respect and support of the local industry. We’re enthusiastic about the opportunity of being able to tell the stories of big Puerto Rican entrepreneurs like Rovira, and the Pérez family from Puerto Rico Supplies,” said Jorge Herrera, director of operations at Brands of Puerto Rico.

“We’re ready to export our crunchy and delicious lines of ‘Chicharrón’ and ‘Platanutres,’ made 100 pecent in Puerto Rico, to the [U.S. mainland,] as well as the rest of the world. From Naguabo, with love,” said María Cristina Pérez, from Puerto Rico Supplies.

Meanwhile, Rovira Foods President Frances Rovira said: “Rovira Biscuits Corporation and Rovira Foods Inc. is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Brands of Puerto Rico to [deliver] the Rovira crackers to our loyal Puerto Rican consumers outside of the island.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Alan Taveras October 7, 2016

    No words, jus gratitude. Thanks for taking the time to see our work. Again, thanks. Alan

    1. Michelle Kantrow October 11, 2016

      Gracias y mucho exito!


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