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Bravo Family Foundation Exec. Dir. García-Guerra passes away

Guiomar García-Guerra, a longtime member of the nonprofit and philanthropic community, and executive director of the Bravo Family Foundation, passed away on Jan. 6, said Orlando Bravo, founder of the organization.

García-Guerra was appointed to her position in April 2018, when she immediately began building a long-term plan for the foundation’s permanent mission in Puerto Rico.

“Guiomar was a visionary with a lifetime commitment to philanthropy. She was an experienced nonprofit executive who dedicated her life to wonderful causes in Puerto Rico,” Bravo said.

“I will forever be grateful for Guiomar’s leadership of the Bravo Family Foundation. Guiomar joined us as our leader at the founding of our organization. She established our mission, worked tirelessly to build our programs, and recruited a phenomenal team,” he said. 

“As such, she made a significant and permanent impact on our foundation and on the lives of so many young men and women in Puerto Rico,” he said.

García-Guerra’s philanthropic experience began with the Wallace Foundation in New York. Upon returning to Puerto Rico, she worked with the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust, established Sapientis and led the Flamboyán Foundation for 10 years.

“As a colleague, I will always remember her deep sense of commitment to the Bravo Family Foundation, her excellent decision-making capability, her moral character, and her consistent set of values,” Bravo said. 

“Guiomar worked until her last day with passion and purpose to ensure that our programs would move forward and that our vision would be properly executed,” he said. “I know we will all deeply miss her and will always remember her as an exceptional leader and friend.”

The Bravo Family Foundation initiatives, such as the Rising Entrepreneurs Program and the Exceptional Community Leaders Program, will continue with the same commitment and drive after her passing, he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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