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Liberty Business provided connection to transmit eclipse

The Liberty Business fiber connection helped thousands of Puerto Ricans enjoy Monday’s historic solar eclipse at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Liberty Business helped thousands of people view Monday’s historic solar eclipse live, on television and on the internet, by providing fiber optic connection to the “Live Solar Eclipse 2017” event at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

As a sponsor, Liberty also made it possible for the general public and school groups to view the eclipse safely and provided a fiber-optic internet platform that allowed the connection and communication between Puerto Rico and the rest of the world. The event was an initiative under the Planeta Digital and EcoExploratorio programs run by Puerto Rican Meteorologist Ada Monzón.

“Thanks to our connection, information and scientific data were shared instantly before and during the solar eclipse,” said Antonio Llona, vice president of Liberty Business. “This is the kind of thing we like to support because it helps us create connections with our customers, with Puerto Rico and the world.”

As part of the activity, a balloon was launched about 4,000 feet high with a camera and several experiments to see the results at that height. This experiment was an effort by Inter American University students and the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA.)

EcoExploratorio is an organization supported by the NASA Kennedy Space Center and NASA Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium. It is an independent initiative of science and technology education in Puerto Rico that emerges from the initiative of a network of collaborators from different sectors that includes scientists, researchers, teachers, children, university students and people from the general community, united by their commitment to advance scientific literacy and strengthen Puerto Rico’s workforce.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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