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Café Yaucono seeks to motivate Puerto Ricans to create their own business

Looking to motivate entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico, Café Yaucono has created an initiative through which it will award two mobile coffee shops that will allow creating a business anywhere on the island.

The company has partnered with
retailer JF Montalvo for the initiative. Those interested in participating have
until Mar. 8 to visit any of the stores for more information, said Stephanie
Matos, brand manager.

The portable coffee shops are
designed on a bicycle equipped with a stove with two electric burners so the owner
can warm up desserts and pair them with a cup of coffee. They also have a dual transportation
function, either by pedaling or through a battery.

“We understand how
difficult it can be to take that step to create a business, because of the
economic difficulties we are experiencing, so we’re committed to entrepreneurs
who are looking for ways to get ahead with a creative and unique business that
will stand out in the market,” said Matos.

The bicycles are valued at more
than $6,000 and were designed to be a tool to create an innovative business in
the coffee industry. As part of the effort, participants can also earn gift
certificates worth from $50 to $500.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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