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Caribbean Cinemas confirms premium theaters for Plaza Carolina

Caribbean Cinemas confirmed that its 11-theater movie complex under construction at the Plaza Carolina Mall will include premium theaters featuring IMAX, CXC and 4DX formats, numbered seats and laser projectors to offer better picture quality

In addition, the lobby will have large screens illuminated with LED lights, a modern game room, cinema birthday lounges, a large concession and a Deli Café with a seating area.

The IMAX and CXC theaters will have giant 70-foot and 60-foot wide screens, respectively, and along with the 4DX room will make Plaza Carolina Cinemas one of the most modern theaters in the chain, company officials said.

All of the movie theaters feature stadium-type leather seats and more space between rows. In total the cinema will have some 1,500 seats combined.

In addition, Caribbean Cinemas announced that it has renewed its partnership with, AT&T/Direct TV and the Ana G. Méndez University System (SUAGM for its initials in Spanish,) which will sponsor the Direct TV IMAX and SUAGM 4DX theaters at the Plaza Carolina Cinemas.

“We are delighted that two leading Puerto Rico companies like AT&T/Direct TV and SUAGM share our vision to innovate and invest in the best entertainment to deliver healthy distraction to our people,” said Caribbean Cinemas President Robert Carrady.

“We appreciate the confidence they have given us for the past two years to join their brands not only with Caribbean Cinemas, but two other world-renowned brands such as IMAX and 4DX,” he said.

The new Plaza Carolina Cinemas is employing about 100 people during the construction phase and after opening in the Fall of 2018, will have about 90 employees for regular cinema operations.


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