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Circuito Cooperativo marks 15 years supporting Puerto Rico co-ops

The Circuito Cooperativo, an initiative by a consortium of cooperatives whose stated objective is to serve “as a pillar of unity, evolution and strength” within Puerto Rico’s cooperative movement, is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

The collective was initially created to provide shared branch services among cooperatives, allowing members to conduct transactions conveniently. Over time, the circuit has evolved, expanding its reach and commitment to supporting cooperatives in innovation and technological adoption.

Executive Director Amanda Cardín explained: “The main commitment of the Circuito is to support cooperatives in their efforts to meet their members’ needs. This support is aimed at facilitating a member-centered and hassle-free service experience, regardless of their location. 

“Circuito Cooperativo is focused on expanding the options available to its cooperatives, with a particular emphasis on the adoption of advanced technological services. Through our strategic partnerships with technological leaders like Microsoft, we are committed to providing our affiliated cooperatives with the necessary tools to ensure effective, flexible and competitive operation.”

The network now includes 48 credit unions in Puerto Rico, covering more than 130 branches and more than 5,500 locations globally, thanks to agreements with CO-OP Solutions, responsible for the Shared Branch Network in the U.S. and other regions. 

“Our cooperatives have the opportunity to expand their presence, which facilitates access to thousands of service points and allows them to serve a broader and more diverse community of members,” Cardín said.

The director assured that through collaboration and a “spirit of solidarity,” cooperatives can overcome challenges, aligning with cooperativism principles, to offer high-quality financial services. 

“Our role as an integrating entity is crucial for fostering cooperation among our cooperatives, thus strengthening this sector,” the director emphasized.

As Circuito Cooperativo celebrates its anniversary, Cardín said it aims to “continue being an effective support resource, proactively adapting to technological and social changes to enhance the development of cooperatives and, consequently, their members and the community at large.”

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