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Colmena66 hosts 10 women-led entrepreneurial organizations

Colmena66 marked International Women’s Day by noting the importance of female entrepreneurship, noting its network includes 10 business-building organizations that support women in Puerto Rico.

Encouraging entrepreneurship among women is an essential task for all business-building organizations, as the increase in women entrepreneurs directly impacts the economic development of a country, the nonprofit said.

From as early as the concept/idea phase to the expansion/growth phase, women entrepreneurs have the opportunity of seeking the necessary assistance from these organizations that specialize on women as entrepreneurs. The following 10 organizations in Colmena66’s network that specialize in women’s entrepreneurship development.

  • Animus Women’s Innovation Journey — Innovation summit designed to inspire women to reach their highest level of personal and professional development. Animus is for all women — employees, executives, entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, volunteers — anyone who wants to grow and make a difference. Animus provides the information, ideas, perspective and strategies needed to spark and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as actionable items you can implement immediately to improve your personal and professional self.
  • Centro Empresarial para la Mujer — Provides women entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop or strengthen their businesses. The program includes educational activities that have been designed to help you learn through practice. Likewise, they lead to the establishment of alliances with other women entrepreneurs to share information about available support resources and the identification of sales opportunities and market of their products or services.
  • Centro Empresarial para la Mujer en la Agricultura — Serves as an educational initiative aimed at women who want to establish an agribusiness and women agro-entrepreneurs looking to expand their business. Provides support through workshops led by specialists from the Agricultural Extension Service (SEA) and professors from the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology form the School of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus.
  • Ellevate Puerto Rico — Network of women entrepreneurs and professionals who believe in the positive impact of women in business. Their mission is to help women advance in the workplace, both for themselves and the greater good. They strive to change the culture of business from the inside out – by investing in women.
  • Grameen Puerto Rico — Provides micro-loans, training and support to women living in poverty that want to start or expand a small business in order to create a better life for their families.
  • Instituto Empresarial para la Mujer — Offers training and development services to women-led businesses by emphasizing on the establishment of support networks and the provision of tools that will empower each entrepreneur to utilize the full extent of their potential. This focus maximizes the reach that each of the projects can have, and can allow for results beyond the immediate beneficiaries in order to reach their families and respective communities.
  • Mujer Emprende Latina — Initiative that helps women from any socioeconomic background to easily access the necessary education, tools and resources to start or grown their business. Mujer Emprende offers workshops, orientation and networking events.
  • My Barely Famous Life — Virtual community that helps leaders achieve professional growth and self improvement through technology, innovation and behavioral science techniques. Specializes in masterclasses and bootcamps of nonconventional industries or topics. Its purpose is to inspire the community to achieve extraordinary things in an unconventional and creative way full of innovation.
  • Proyecto Matria — Socioeconomic empowerment of women victims of gender violence and in low income households. Seeks to facilitate and germinate the incubation and viability of community micro-enterprises led by women and provide micro-credits to women with a negative credit history for the development of business activities.
  •  Reinventadas PR — Social-multisectorial movement focused on the creation of a collaborative space in favor of the economic development of Puerto Rico and women. Offers training, capacity-building, and alliances with agencies.
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Author Details
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