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Comptroller’s Office unveils new Special Investigations Division

The Puerto Rico Office of the Comptroller announced it has established a Special Investigations Division that joins the tax intelligence, digital forensics, investigation, and technical support groups, to expedite the processes of investigating a complaint through tax intelligence.

The tax intelligence methodology is based on the systematic use of specialized techniques to obtain and analyze information. With fiscal intelligence, new tools are also developed that support the examination and allow detecting modalities that could potentially affect compliance with laws, regulations, and standards.

“The Special Investigations Division will have the responsibility of coordinating, advising and conducting investigations on possible fraud schemes related to the misuse of property and public funds,” said Comptroller Yesmín M. Valdivieso in a statement.

In addition, “this Division will coordinate collaboration with the entities that receive our referrals or other external entities, in investigations of irregularities, fraud and government corruption,” said Valdivieso.

Citizen complaints are a “very useful tool to detect the misuse of property and public funds,” the agency stated.

If it is determined that the Comptroller’s Office has the primary jurisdiction over a complaint, the new division will conduct the corresponding analysis to obtain, in the fastest and most effective way, the information and documentation necessary to conclude and make the recommendations, the agency noted.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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