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Açai Express donates $16K to Kinesis Foundation for student college prep

The Kinesis Foundation — a nonprofit organization that has focused on youth education since 2004 — received a $16,000 donation from Açai Express to support outstanding students with limited financial resources to continue their academic preparation for college.

The initiative between Kinesis Foundation and Açai Express brought together the local company’s 31 franchises throughout Puerto Rico for six weeks to promote and raise awareness about the importance of education through the sale of stickers.

“We take our commitment to educating our youth very seriously. This partnership with Kinesis allowed us to promote the importance of education to our clients and contribute to this cause for a better lifestyle and a better future for all,” said Héctor Westerband, President of Açai Express.

Since its inception, the Kinesis Foundation has successfully seen 100% of its participating youth attend good universities in Puerto Rico, the US mainland and Europe.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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