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Consumers exposed to Discover Puerto Rico’s media ‘88% more likely to visit’

Numbers from a variety of independent sources suggest that Puerto Rico is seeing the benefits of Discover Puerto Rico’s strategy, with a positive rebound in the island’s local tourism economy and many positive signs pointing to continued recovery on the horizon. 

Much of the island’s Destination Marketing Organization’s (DMO) success can be attributed to “the exceptional digital marketing strategies and tactics that form the foundation of Discover Puerto Rico’s marketing and branding efforts,” said Discover Puerto Rico officcials during the monthly Industry Update.

Leisure booking trends continue to exceed expectations, with above-average occupancy rates delivering strong yield in both the hotel and independent rental sectors. These demand numbers are confirmed by airport arrivals from Aerostar.

“There is an 89% correlation between arrivals and occupancy, which is a very strong indicator that these increasing arrivals are what is driving rising occupancy,” said Alisha Valentine, director of research and analytics of Discover Puerto Rico.

“Using online tracking technology, Adara is able to track consumers after exposure to Discover Puerto Rico digital advertising. This tracking includes monitoring searches and bookings for Puerto Rico flights and hotels,” she said.

“Since the beginning of 2021, Adara has tracked more than $460 million in hotel bookings after exposure to Discover Puerto Rico digital marketing. In addition to the total hotel revenue generated after consumers saw our advertising, it shows how many flight and hotel searches that generated as well as the number of bookings,” she added.

Since Adara only tracks hotel bookings and knowing that the rental market now makes up more than a third of the island’s lodging demand, it is expected that those consumers Discover Puerto Rico has reached in the first five months of the year with digital advertising will spend more than $3 billion on their trips to Puerto Rico. 

Which means that in the first five months of the year, the DMO has been able to influence more bookings than all of 2019, Discover Puerto Rico said.  

The advertising being placed by Discover Puerto Rico with the federal funding received is pushing demand higher. Demand is driving record revenues and tax collections, while at the same time the average daily rate (ADR) of local hotels for May was $241, 29% higher than 2019. The data from Adara shows the ADR of consumers exposed to the DMO’s digital marketing is 29% higher than the average paid in the market last month.   

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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