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CooPACA invests $175K to upgrade Cataño branch

The Arecibo Credit Union (CooPACA, for its initials in Spanish) has invested more than $175,000 to build new drive-thru facilities at its Cataño branch, which will allow it to serve a greater number of customers, it announced.

As a result of the investment, the access to the branch will be altered since vehicular traffic on David and San Alberto streets adjacent to the structure, will change direction this week.

“This investment strengthens CooPACA’s offer as a financial alternative to traditional banking for all citizens in Cataño. Our clients will benefit from greater accessibility to financial services,” said CooPACA CEO William Méndez-Pagán.

After the inauguration of the new drive-thru, which took two-and-a half months to build, the branch expects an increase in its ability to handle customers by to 30%, as additional employees have also been recruited.

CooPACA has an ambitious investment plan for its branches that contemplates the addition of drive-thru windows in San Juan metro area branches, starting with those located in the towns of Trujillo Alto and Carolina.

“The investments we’re making are part of our effort to provide a higher level of financial convenience for all Puerto Ricans,” Méndez said.

Recently, the institution became the first credit union in Puerto Rico to offer fully automated payroll processing services, through a new alliance with alchavo.com, the company confirmed.

Established in Arecibo in 1946, CooPACA has a network of 14 branches.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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