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CooPACA invests $500K to open new branch in Trujillo Alto

The Arecibo Credit Union, known as CooPACA in Spanish, inaugurated its new branch in the town of Trujillo Alto, following an $500,000 investment. The facility offers the credit union ways “to effectively serve clients facing the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The pandemic has altered the way of doing business for financial institutions starting with interaction with customers,” said CooPACA CEO William Méndez-Pagán. “Far from this situation serving as a deterrent, at CooPACA we have set out to continue with our investment plans to strengthen and expand the infrastructure of our branch network.”

The new branch has more than 5,100 square feet of space and a payroll of eight employees, although there are plans to recruit more employees. The members of the Trujillo Alto credit union exceed 7,000, Méndez said.

The construction of the branch, originally planned to be completed in 60 days, took about six months, after measures taken by the government to combat the coronavirus pandemic halted the work.

The new branch replaces a location in the Trujillo Alto urban center, and features drive-up windows, and parking — which the former location lacked, Méndez said.

This will allow the credit union to better serve customers in strict compliance with the security protocols established to address the new coronavirus, he said.

“We urge all citizens not to drop their guard against COVID-19 and maintain personal protection measures, starting with the use of masks, distancing and frequent hand washing,” said Méndez.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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