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Data Wi-Fi stands out as double winner during Parallel18’s 6th DemoDay

Nearly 20 companies presented their pitches in front of visiting investors and the local business community during the sixth generation of Parallel18’s “DemoDay,” won by Data Wi-Fi.

Data Wi-Fi won two awards during the competition — The Evertec Choice Award, which carries a $10,000 cash prize, and the People’s Love Award bestowed by T-Mobile, which will provide the startup with free wireless communication for a year.

“Each edition surpasses the previous one. Nearly 300 enterprises have witnessed how their plans experience an amazing boost, specifically within their business goals, thanks to the tools that Parallel18 offers them,” said Sebastián Vidal, the accelerator’s executive director.

“This generation is particularly special, because alumni from previous generations like Abartys and Brands of PR, have come to inspire the new recruits with tales of the experiences of their trajectories. For us, that is extremely gratifying,” he said.
CINCO, OGMA, Edusynch, EnvioPack, Facturedo, Hometuls, Isleñas, Processim Labs, Hackmetrix, YU-TRACK, DATAWIFI.co, Pinta Gelato, SavoR, Unicorn Games, Organic Power, Elegir Seguro and UVA! were among some of this year’s participants. 

As part of these acceleration efforts, 10 new tech companies were selected by Facebook and Parallel18 to present and, additionally, were invited to participate in the Startup Hub Caribbean. These included Agrobeads, SharpFocusVR, and Stageboom from Puerto Rico, and other companies from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. All of them presented their success stories, highlighting the innovation and entrepreneurial creativity behind their business proposals.

“The solutions to important problems that have been identified in industrial, environmental, and social sectors are once again the axis of the pitches that we witnessed today,” said Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust CEO Lucy Crespo.

“This — in addition to technology and innovation — results in a winning formula that will support our island’s economy, one startup at a time,” she said. Parallel18 falls under the Trust.

During the ceremony, Puerto Rican business known as CINCO, a software that aids in quality management based on risk for life science industries, walked away with the Innovation Award.

A fourth award was selected by a panel of North American and Latin American investors that travelled to the island specifically to meet and evaluate the participating startups in Parallel18’s sixth generation.

The Investors’ Choice Award, sponsored by Morro Ventures, was given to Edusynch, a platform that helps administer English proficiency tests for companies, universities, schools, or individuals.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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