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Gov. signs bill to spur development of creative industries

Gov. García-Padilla.

Gov. García-Padilla.

Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García-Padilla signed Tuesday Senate Bill 655, which establishes public policy for promoting and giving stimulus to creative industries, conceives the Creative Industries Advisory Board and assigns $1 million to Puerto Rico Trade and Export to oversee those tasks.

Creative industries are those that depend mostly on intellectual property and have potential to create jobs and wealth, particularly through the production of goods and services in the areas of industrial graphic design, interior design, visual arts, music, scenic arts and publications. It also includes applications development, video games, online services, digital content, multimedia and creative services such as architecture and creative education.

These industries perform knowledge-based activities and focus arts, without limiting themselves to them, and have the potential of generating income from commerce and intellectual property rights.

This law seeks to establish an ecosystem of creative industries which includes government, private companies, academia and communities all over the island, placing special emphasis on the strategic sectors of municipalities

The new laws states that Puerto Rico Trade will be primarily responsible of implementing the public policy on creative industries and give creators assistance to sell their products both locally and globally.

These creators will also be able to benefit from the incentives provided in Law 20-2012, better known as “Law to Promote Service Exports”. The law assigns $1 million to the CEC from the Fund for the Promotion of Jobs and Economic Activity to carry out these tasks.

The Creative Industries Advisory Board will have nine members, with two representatives for each creative industries sector — design, arts, media and creative services-as well as a representative from academia, all of whom will be named by the Puerto Rico Trade executive director for four-year terms.

The Board will also have several ex officio members: the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce; the executive director of Puerto Rico Trade; the director of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company; the executive director of the Corporation for the Development of Arts, Sciences and Cinematographic Industry of Puerto Rico; the executive director of the Science, Technology and Research Trust; and the executive director of the Puerto Rico Institute of Culture.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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