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Digital media still king in Puerto Rico; News is my Business among top independent outlets

For the sixth consecutive year, News is my Business has ranked among the top five Puerto Rico-based independent media outlets with exclusive online presence, according to 2022 Puerto Rico Digital Trends Study by the Puerto Rico Sales and Marketing Executives Association (SME).

According to the study, commissioned to analysis firm Estudios Técnicos, the most visited website in that category are: Noticel, with 39.4%, El Calce, with 6.7%, Sin Comillas, with 2.6%, News is my Business with 1.9%, and Tu NoticiaPR, with 0.4%

The Digital Trends Study showed an increase in internet access and use of digital media in Puerto Rico, raising the incidence from 85% in 2021 to 88% in 2022. This is equivalent to 2.5 million people over the age of 12 connected digitally and a rate of 9.8% growth when compared to the period prior to the pandemic. This growth comes mainly from the 65+ group, which reflected an 18% increase versus 2021.

“The trend of media growth and diversification that we have been observing since the start of the pandemic has been sustained,” said Anitza Cox, director of analysis and social policy of Estudios Técnicos.

“For example, more than half of internet users make purchases online, even after the opening of businesses after the closure by COVID-19,” she said.

A conservative exercise based on the results of the study estimates online sales at $441 million per year. Regarding the type of purchase, Cox said that among those users who make purchases online, 35.2% buy so that it arrives by mail and 33.5% so that the purchase is delivered to their home.

“Even shopping sites or apps have been shared into an important information tool for consumer purchases made offline,” Cox said.

The study reflected that four out of seven consumers (42.7%) use internet sites or apps to search for information when they are going to buy a product or service.

The findings of the study were announced at the SME Digital & Innovation Forum: Permanent Beta, held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

In Puerto Rico, 95% of the general population and 98% of users have a mobile phone, 54% of which are Android and 45% iOS. Even so, internet connections in the home continue to increase, reaching 83%. When using the internet on their mobile phone, 47.6% prefer to use an application and 55% of users are willing to pay for these up to a maximum average of $6. Favorite service applications include ATH Móvil 93.2%, Uber Eats 84.2% and Sam’s Club 36%.

The 2022 Digital Trends Study was carried out through a personal survey in two stages, during the months of April and May, and included a total sample of 670 people. In the first stage, 500 people representative of Puerto Rico’s general population aged 12 and over were surveyed, segmented by gender, income level, age, and geographic area, which yields a margin of error of 44.3%. at a 95% confidence level, she said.

In a second stage, the SME sought to obtain a broader sample of internet users — reaching 600 interviews — to delve into patterns of use, attitudes, and behavior.

Online entertainment reigns
The main activities by users online are headed by entertainment through videos and music, followed by social networks, information searches and messaging services, with the WhatsApp app being the most used, occupying the first place with 98.7 %.

The five most visited local internet sites in the past 30 days were: Banco Popular, (3.7%), Endi.com, (3.2%), Primera Hora, (1.5%), Wapa TV, (5.2%) and Clasificados Online, (0.8%).

Media usage in a typical week placed traditional TV and social media almost on the same level, reaching 76.2% and 75.2% usage, respectively. Completing the first six places are radio, with 57.8%, digital press, (49%), online TV/streaming, (45.4%) and music streaming, (43.2%).

Meanwhile, the local press and news media outlets with an online presence that occupy the first five places are: El Nuevo Día (55.8%), Primera Hora (50.6%), El Vocero (38.7%), Metro PR (34.2%) and Caribbean Business (3.7%). For this survey, the use of independent media was also measured, in which Jay Fonseca placed first with 36.1%, Molusco TV (30.9%), Chente (20.1%), Burbu (19.3%) and De Playmaker (9.7%).

On the other hand, when measuring behavior on social networks, the study showed that 92% of people have a presence on a social network. Facebook remains in first place with 83%, but a drop in the use of YouTube from 71% in 2021 to 65% in 2022 stood out.

Of social network users, 11.4% have joined social communities focused on sports (16.7%), automotive hobbies (15.6%), video games (13.3%), cooking (11.1%), religion (8.9%) and social causes (7.8%), to mention the first five positions.

For the first time, the study included the category of video games and cryptocurrencies was included. The study showed that some 715,105 people over the age of 12 carry out activities related to video games, of which 66% do so through their mobile phone and 52% do so individually.

The approximate expenditure on the rental or purchase of games in the last 12 months is $120 and 17.6% have purchased an item advertised during a video game at some point.

Regarding cryptocurrencies, 67.7% of those surveyed have heard about the subject, 40.6% stated that they do not understand what they are and 30.5% do not trust them. Only 14.5% recognize them as the money of the future.

Author Details
Author Details
Business reporter with 30 years of experience writing for weekly and daily newspapers, as well as trade publications in Puerto Rico. My list of former employers includes Caribbean Business, The San Juan Star, and the Puerto Rico Daily Sun, among others. My areas of expertise include telecommunications, technology, retail, agriculture, tourism, banking and most other segments of Puerto Rico’s economy.

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