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DirecTV employees volunteer to spruce up Centro Inés

A group of DirecTV employees recently volunteered to help nonprofit organization Centro Inés in San Juan to refurbish different spaces in the facility that students will use in August for free afterschool educational programs.

Centro Inés offers educational, social, recreational services, and mental health support for children and older adults, to improve their quality of life, in the communities it serves.

Through the Precoz Program, Centro Inés helps students from kindergarten to sixth grade to develop skills for academic independence, motivation toward studies, and skills mastering. Students meet after school from Monday through Thursday.

The work of the DirecTV team included conditioning an area where the new technological library will be located. This library will be inaugurated prior to the start of the next school semester when the afterschool program restarts.  

“Through different efforts, DirecTV Puerto Rico collaborates with the education of Puerto Rican children and young adults. In addition to directly supporting different educational directly, we also make sure to collaborate with organizations that do so either through alliances, direct contributions, or time contributions and volunteering from our team members,” said Belkys Mata-Mayor, vice president of operations for DirecTV Puerto Rico.

“It’s an act toward the community that we serve, and we do it with care and dedication,” she said, adding that the company’s community commitment is a global effort in Puerto Rico and other countries where DirecTV has done business for 28 years.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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