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Electriq Power partners with Barrio Eléctrico solar energy project in Isabela

Florida-based Electriq Power Inc., a provider of intelligent and integrated home energy storage, announced it has become the exclusive hardware and software provider for Barrio Eléctrico, an organization that works with community partners in the town of Isabela to enable households to install solar and storage systems.

Electriq’s PowerPod 2 battery systems will help households weather the island’s frequent electrical outages, as well as help residents manage the electricity costs, the company stated.

In partnering with Barrio Eléctrico, Electriq will aid the nonprofit organization in achieving their shared goal of helping Puerto Rican households secure reliable, affordable electricity.

Puerto Rico has frequent, widespread outages and catastrophic post-storm outages that impact the nearly 1.5 million homes that the electric grid serves. Home energy storage and solar provide energy security and resiliency and can reduce reliance on fossil fuel-based generation that powers 97% of the island’s electricity users.

Rooftop solar and a home battery can also reduce electricity costs, which is a major concern in Puerto Rico, the firm stated. More than 750,000 households on the island are considered low- or moderate income, but electricity rates on the island are among the highest for U.S. residents.

By reducing the need for energy generated from the grid, home batteries installed as part of this program can substantially lower a family’s utility bill.

“We’re happy to partner with an organization that shares our goal of expanding access to home energy storage,” said Frank Magnotti, CEO of Electriq Power. “Puerto Rico’s ongoing struggle with stable electricity makes the island an ideal location for home storage and solar.”

“Thanks to Barrio Eléctrico, there are greater opportunities for homes on the island to embrace independent electricity generation. We’re glad we can help more Puerto Rican families have stable access to affordable electricity,” he said.

Barrio Eléctrico’s community-based energy marketplaces work with local groups and municipalities to create a solar economy that benefits all incomes. Homes have access to affordable solar energy plus batteries. Active communities of solar adopters will offer both long-term system support and host the conversation about energy service alternatives for the future.

The compatibility of Electriq Power’s PowerPod 2 and the ease of learning how to operate the energy management software means that the system is ideally suited for facilitating entry of new professional installers within each community, boosting economic development with a growing, localized solar industry, he said.

“The talent and natural resources in Puerto Rico are the ingredients for a robust economy, but the unreliable electricity is a primary factor holding back economic development,” said Lauren Rosenblatt, Founder of Barrio Eléctrico.

“The first step to solving the electricity crisis is grass-roots action in each community. Our program supports individuals in taking control of their electricity needs, while it simultaneously builds the community’s capacity to design and have a voice in the electric service of tomorrow,” she said.

“Because of allies like Electriq Power, which provides the fundamental components of our high quality, affordable systems, we have been able to initiate community and municipal actions towards a brighter, more equitable future,” said Rosenblatt.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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