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P.R. has 2,000+ creative industry establishments, Institute of Statistics says

The total number of establishments dedicated to creative industries in Puerto Rico in 2027 totaled 2,054, of which 41.7 percent belong to the arts sector, the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics confirmed in a report.

The “Puerto Rico Creative Industries Report 2017” confirmed that most establishments (59.3 percent) were characterized by belonging to the category of having one to four employees.

According to Law 173 of 2014, known as the Creative Industries Promotion Act, defines creative industries as those belonging to the following groups: Design (graphic, industrial, fashion and interiors); Arts (music, visual arts, performing arts and publications); Media (application development, video games, online media, digital content and multimedia); and Creative Services (architecture and creative education).

The report confirmed that within the arts category, a specific industry — computer systems design — had the most establishments, at 195 (10.2 percent).

On the topic of the number of employees by creative industry, the media sector accounted for 46 percent (8,454) of people employed in creative industries, the report showed.

“Although Puerto Rico has been in a recession for more than 10 years and has had to face the effects of Hurricanes Irma and María, 2017 indicators reveal a consistent growth in creative industries exports,” said Francisco Pesante-González, author of the report.

The largest number of employees corresponds to the computer systems design industry, with 2,154 employees.

Creative Industries are male-dominated, with a 34,542 (63 percent) participation, while the female participation rate was estimated at 20,323 (37 percent). The average annual salary for all industries was $28,680, the median is $23,650 and $6,492 minimum, the Institute’s report revealed.

The average annual salary was the highest for the software publishing industry, at $118,200. Meanwhile, the highest average annual salary by occupation went to systems software developers, at $62,120.

“This third report prepared and published by the Institute of Statistics reiterates our commitment to join forces with the Puerto Rico Institute of Culture and Puerto Rico Trade and Export, to be able to continue promoting and supporting the creative industries,” said Institute of Statistics Acting Executive Director Orville M. Disdier.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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