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FEMA assigns $37M to 121 recovery projects in Puerto Rico

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Central Office for Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience, or COR3, announced the disbursement of more than $37 million in additional funds for 121 projects approved between May 8-14.

As social distancing measures continue to safeguard residents, FEMA and COR3 remain focused on prioritizing obligations of funds to municipalities for eligible expenses to help communities recover from Hurricane María.

Among the recent grants are more than $103,000 for the municipality of Trujillo Alto to pave roads, replace fences and work on the slope of the Rosa Flores Road in the Carraízo neighborhood. More than $16,000 of this allocation will be used for mitigation measures to stabilize the embankment and strengthen the road to withstand future disasters.

“Of the 125 projects we are working on with FEMA, eight have already been approved and the Rosa Flores Road in the Carraízo neighborhood is one of the most pressing, due to the safety issue it represents,” said Trujillo Alto Mayor José Luis Cruz.

“That’s why we are very eager to begin the repaving work, the installation of fences and to quickly attend to the landslide in the area in order to ensure the well-being of the people who pass through the area,” he said.

Similarly, nearly $65,000 was approved to repair the Germán Rosario Theatre in Camuy, which includes addressing mold damage, replacing the lights, the pedestrian door and the seats of this emblematic center.

The project for this municipal theater includes nearly $47,000 to install waterproof suspended acoustic tiles on the roof and two flood barriers as mitigation measures. During its prime, the facility served as a venue for theatrical performances and nonprofit activities. However, hurricanes Irma and María collapsed the roof, ruined its carpets and air conditioners.

Funds were also approved for permanent work projects that support recreational activities and sports. Ceiba will benefit from nearly $412,000 earmarked for the repair of the BMX bicycle racetrack at the Félix Pedraza Sports Complex.

In addition to repairs to the pavilion building and the track, about $15,000 will be used to install a drainage system under the track and a more resistant surface.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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