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Furniture manufacturer DNG Inc. planning $500K expansion

Local wood, particulate panel and PVC furniture factory, DNG Inc. in San Sebastián, is planning to invest $500,000 to expand its plant and also consider the possibility of exporting its products to the US mainland.

The information was revealed during a visit by Department of Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel Cidre, who was on hand to get a first-hand look at the production line, talks with employees, and discuss expansion plans with management.

DNG Inc. is a Puerto Rican family business that is located in the Guatemala Industrial Zone in San Sebastián, in two buildings owned by the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company. To manufacture furniture in wood, particulate panel and PVC, the company uses an automated process that consists of robotic machinery to optimize material and time.

“We’re very pleased that local companies such as DNG Inc. continue to grow and expand and contribute to the economic development of their region, in this case, the western region,” said Cidre.

“Furthermore, with the creation of more jobs, more Puerto Rican workers are given the opportunity to earn a decent living for themselves and their families and also have more opportunities for professional development,” said Cidre.

Given Puerto Rico’s tropical conditions, the local kitchen cabinet market has taken a unique turn toward using 100% PVC (plastic) materials, minimizing the traditional use of wood or its derivatives. This type of cabinet is currently in great demand for its resistance against water and insects that feed on wood.

The company has some 25 direct and 20 indirect jobs. However, due to the high demand for its products, DNG Inc. projects an expansion and the creation of 20 additional jobs, company President Norberto Rivera said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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