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Fusionworks expands to Florida, Central America

Fusionworks founding partners (from left) Leslie Luciano, Jorge Mejía and José Santiago.

Fusionworks founding partners (from left) Leslie Luciano, Jorge Mejía and José Santiago.

Puerto Rican business and technology information consulting firm, Fusionworks Inc. will mark 11 years of operations and growth with the opening of regional offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, company executives announced Wednesday.

From this office, Fusionworks will provide services to that state, as well as clients in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panamá, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras.

“We thank our customers in Puerto Rico that have allowed us to develop an exportable business platform. We have their continued support, which is the hub for generating capital to finance this new stage of our business,” said Jorge Mejía, co-founder of Fusionworks Inc.

The company will launch its strategy in those markets through the sale of the Prophix corporate performance management solution, which facilitates budgeting, planning, reporting, consolidation and analysis. Prophix Software, a Canadian company, selected Fusionworks to represent its product line in Central America, Florida and Puerto Rico.

“To develop our economy we have to export, period. We begin our efforts with Prophix and from then on we will offer the rest of our products and services,” Mejía said.

“To make this happen, we need people, therefore we are seeking skilled, bilingual professionals who are willing to travel,” said Mejía.

Since launching operations in 2002, Fusionworks has focused on adding value to its customers by improving their operational processes and the information they use to make daily decisions through state of the art technology. The company has cultivated a diverse customer base with different needs, including local and multinational companies.

Led by its partners, Mejía, Leslie Luciano and Luis Santiago, Fusionworks specializes in customer relationship management, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, human resources management, management consulting, enterprise performance management, customized development and database administration.

“The information technology industry has an enormous potential for growth in Puerto Rico and could replace other dwindling and more traditional economy sectors. Still, there are companies in Puerto Rico that hire outside resources to meet their technology information and business intelligence needs, and so, the money leaves the island and does not contribute to the growth of our economy. We want to export our knowledge, not our economic resources,” Mejía said.

“We believe technology, information systems in particular, will be the most important sector of Puerto Rico’s economic development,” he said. “The technology industry is the one that makes the rest of the industries more competitive, creates high-paying jobs and has high export capacity.”

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Author Details
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