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Gov’t divulges guidelines to apply for $25K green energy incentive

The Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC, in Spanish) confirmed that the guidelines are ready to request the “Apoyo Energético” incentive, amounting to up to $25,000, to install sustainable energy systems on small- and mid-sized businesses.

This program was developed to help SME’s stabilize their operations, as well as reduce costs and long-term energy consumption, for which there is a $20 million allocation from the American Rescue Plan Act set aside for them.

“The guides are available on our website for suppliers of renewable energy and energy conservation projects and for merchants who wish to benefit,” said DDEC Secretary Manuel Cidre.

Francisco Berríos-Portela, director of the agency’s Public Energy Policy Program, said the goal is to grant the incentive to approximately 1,000 companies. Once the incentive is granted, the beneficiaries will have up to 12 months to use it, he said.

The disbursement will be made directly to the supplier, after the work has been completed and certified.

If the project cost is less than $25,000, the incentive will cover 100% of the cost, and if it is more, the merchant will cover the difference, paying directly to the selected supplier, Berríos-Portela said.

“Apoyo Energético is part of the efforts to transform energy toward a more reliable and resilient one, and advance the public policy established in Act 17 of 2019, promoting the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency,” said Berríos.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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