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IncubateX launches1st women-led incubator and NFT launchpad on Polygon

IncubateX, the first women-led incubator and NFT launchpad on web3, is launching their initial NFTs on the Polygon network in June.

Based out of Puerto Rico, the company’s goal is to “help unique, mission-driven projects incorporate web3 infrastructure within their ecosystems, to bring about tangible change & facilitate value transfer between the virtual and real worlds.”

The initial offering to the community will be in the form of Membership NFTs, which grant members access to mint future projects launched on IncubateX alongside other NFT utility as announced in the whitepaper.

Their core team includes successful entrepreneurs & builders who sit on the board of multiple organizations and come from varying backgrounds that include web3, renewable energy, manufacturing robotics, consulting, marketing, and finance.

“Right now, our earth is choking on plastic. We managed to put the land that produces 20% of our oxygen, the Amazon, on fire,” said Massy Almubidin, co-founder, and strategic director of IncubateX, in a statement.

“Our icebergs are melting and so is our patience. The power of the collective is the strongest force we know, and we created IncubateX to channel this force to reinvent how we interact with this world, all with the help of web3 and exciting decentralized digital infrastructure such as NFTs” Almubidin said.

IncubateX is a web3 incubator & NFT launchpad based out of Puerto Rico. They specialize in helping innovative projects incorporate web3 infrastructure — mainly NFTs —within their ecosystems, while focusing solely on projects that make a positive impact IRL.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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