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Invest Puerto Rico creates recovery guide for quake-affected communities

As part of its commitment to support business continuity in those areas directly affected by the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the southwest coast on Jan. 7, Invest Puerto Rico integrated in its PuertoRicoSigue.org platform a Community Guide for Economic Preparation and Recovery.

This guide — created for the benefit of community leaders, chambers of commerce, business support groups and retailers — outlines the steps that must be taken to tap into of a variety of resources and foster economic recovery, strategically and collaboratively.

“We integrated this guide into our platform as a high-value resource that empowers the community to take control of its recovery through best practices and effective strategies,” said Rodrick Miller, CEO of Invest Puerto Rico, the island’s economic development organization.

“We support the ongoing development of the business ecosystem of the southern area as well as that of the Island, and we invite the community to take advantage of this important tool,” he said.

PuertoRicoSigue.org is the platform developed by Invest Puerto Rico to assist in economic recovery, and Spanish or English versions of the guide may be downloaded from there, Miller said.

The document provides local businesses and community leaders with information about developing an economic recovery strategy in their communities. In addition, it connects disaster management functions with economic principles to identify key issues and suggests disaster preparedness and recovery actions.

“Having an economic recovery strategy maximizes response and recovery capacity after a natural disaster, so it is important that stakeholders seek the guide and other resources available on the platform to begin their process as soon as possible,” Miller said.

“Coordination among all parties is essential to stabilizing and preserving the local economy before, during and after a natural disaster,” Miller added.

Among the key points highlighted in the guide are core issues such as the disaster cycle and its economy, the importance of economic continuity and resilience, and processes for preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation, and others.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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