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Liberty: AT&T network, service continue to deliver 1 month into transition

One month after it officially acquired AT&T’s wireless and wireline operations in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Liberty Puerto Rico gave an update on the integration process, saying that the wireless network continues to perform “very well, and service has not been impacted.”

Liberty is moving full speed ahead with 5G deployment in more locations in Puerto Rico and the USVI. Currently, about 90% of Puerto Rico and USVI’s population has 5G coverage, said Naji Khoury, CEO of Liberty Puerto Rico.

Over at the USVI, Liberty is expanding the network and has already deployed 59 miles of fiber optics throughout the islands, which will deliver improved mobile service to 50% of the sites. Construction of this phase is expected to conclude in the first half of 2021.

“Currently, all key performance indicators equal those prior to closing and all our wireless team activities, especially those involving design, planning, performance, optimization, and construction, are on-going without slowing down,” added Khoury.

Regarding mobile segments, the company is moving forward with new offers featuring the recently launched iPhone 12, which are part of “a revitalized customer focus, which extends the best equipment offers to new and current customers alike,” he said.

Khoury emphasized that the new company now combines the fastest wireless network with the fastest fixed network in local markets, both of which have been submitted Speedtests by Ookla. Data from November reflected a 20% improvement in internet speeds compared to October.

Regarding Liberty’s fixed internet operations, Khoury mentioned that the government’s subsidy program “remains strong and has been very successful…both new and existing customers have benefited from it.”

“Customer requests for this program have been astronomically high and it has caused unusual volumes in our customer service department, but we’re confident that all applications will be processed properly, since the deadline was extended until Dec. 31,” Khoury said.

Increased internet consumption is still a trend, but it seems to have plateaued, he added. Liberty is still at the 46% increase in data consumption levels that emerged after the island’s lockdown in March.

He added that the company’s average household per customer currently consumes more than 13 gigabytes a day or close to 400 gigabytes a month. To manage this consumption, the company has been increasing capacity in its fixed network throughout the year.

Liberty recently launched a new media campaign entitled “The best stays here with you” to emphasize the continuity of network quality and customer service delivered by employees that had been with AT&T for years.

“Along with the talented and experienced employees from AT&T, our combined company now has more than 2,200 employees serving customers and taking care of the two best and fastest networks in Puerto Rico and the USVI,” Khoury mentioned.

“The mobile operations may be changing brand name in the near future, but the quality of service that customers have come to expect will always be there,” said Khoury. “Customers are being serviced by the same excellent professionals that have been part of the operation throughout its various changes in ownership and brands.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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