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Liberty Puerto Rico unveils new identity as it finalizes AT&T integration

Liberty Puerto Rico unveiled its new corporate identity, brand, logo, and slogan, as it completes the integration of AT&T, to now offer fixed, mobile, and television services for consumers and businesses in Puerto Rico.

“For us at Liberty, every connection matters. By integrating mobile services into our product lineup, Liberty is now, the most complete communications, technology, and entertainment company, offering consumers a truly better way to live and connect with what matters most to them, wherever they are, on whichever device, and doing it better than any other company,” said Naji Khoury, CEO of Liberty Puerto Rico.

“Our new corporate identity represents a new beginning, a new Liberty that will deliver the best network, the best offers, and the best services, all under one roof,” he said.

All operations will now be unified under the Liberty name and new logo. Its main element is the “connection portal” icon, which represents the union of entertainment, internet, and mobile services, company executives said.

“It is also a symbol of the company’s promise to deliver technology, innovation, services, offers, and a customer experience that truly provides consumers with the best way to connect with what they value the most, wherever they are, hence the new slogan ‘Your world better connected’,” executives said.

“The orange hue represents energy and passion and showcases Liberty’s new offerings, while the blue shade illustrates the continuity of two leading telecommunication brands in Puerto Rico and the global access the company provides to its customers,” the company further noted.

Khoury explained that Liberty customers will have more than 100 points of sales and services throughout the island before the end of the year to get broadband, television, and mobile services under one roof, more value in combined offers and products, frictionless digital channels, consistency in service across touchpoints to provide the best customer experience and constant innovation.  

After combining the assets of AT&T in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Liberty now has 2,239 employees. The company has 952,000 internet, video, and telephony subscribers in 76 municipalities throughout Puerto Rico, and more than 1 million mobile subscribers in Puerto Rico and the USVI.

As a single company, Liberty now has 7,895 miles of optic fiber between fixed and mobile networks, Khoury said.

Effective now, Liberty will introduce higher broadband speeds — for all its existing and new customers as well as double the broadband speed if the customer also has mobile services with the company. 

“The use of broadband is growing very quickly, especially during the pandemic. The average consumption in a home for our fixed services fluctuate between 400 GB and 500 GBs per month, and on the mobile side, the average is about 18 GBs per month, which is a very high number compared to other countries,” he said.

“But the combination of networks offers greater redundancy. About 95% of our cell sites are connected to fiber optic facilities, which allows us to have a lot of capacity. About 85% of those cell cites have a generator and 90% of them have battery backups to deal with blackouts,” said Khoury.

In terms of capacity, Khoury mentioned that the fixed network now has twice the capacity and that the company has performed more than 500 capacity expansions for its mobile network. In addition, he said 5G coverage has continued to increase since the acquisition last October, and now covers 95% of the population in Puerto Rico, Culebra, Vieques, and the USVI.

The company invested close to $85 million in network and infrastructure improvements during the first half of 2021, which represents an increase of 160 percent compared to the same period last year.

“We will continue investing to improve and expand both networks in terms of coverage, capacity and reliability.” he said. “Liberty is building and adding more fiber to expand our footprint as well as burying our fiber to protect it from natural disasters.”

New push for Liberty Business customers
With mobile service and applications integrated into the division’s offerings, Liberty Business can now offer additional benefits for customers that activate both fixed and mobile services with them. These include doubled fixed internet speed in selected plans when customers have or activate a mobile plan for their businesses, officials said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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